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Rokugou-manzan culture spreading all over the Usa and Kunisaki peninsula region:

Kunisaki city is home to the Oita airport, an entrance to Oita prefecture. In the past, practicing monks spent time practicing by climbing steep mountains up and down, to achieve enlightenment in Kunisaki peninsula, where strange shaped rocks and peaks can be found on all over the mountain. Driving away from city area of Kunisaki or Bungotakada cities, the magnificent and austere view strikes your eyes and you will feel the air of long histories of Shinto god and Buddha.

Terminology of Rokugou-manzan; roku means six, gou is a village, and manzan means a whole mountain. Rokugou-manzan was named from its origin: On Mt. Futago, towering at the center of Kunisaki peninsula, there are 6 valleys running seaward. The Rokugou-manzan culture came into existence and flourished during the Nara and the Heian era, circa 710 to 1192. In those periods, very unique and peculiar Buddhist culture called syncretism of Shinto and Buddhism was established from the combination of mountain worship, the ancient Buddhism and Hachiman beliefs including Usa shrine. We are celebrating its 1,300th anniversary in 2018.

It is believed that Rokugou-manzan culture was originated with the establishment of a temple by Nimon monk, who has a legend himself that Hachiman god of Usa shrine had incarnated.

So many torii gates were built in temples on Rokugou-manzan. They are one of the proof that the unique culture of Shinto god and Buddha unite together still breathing in modern society because normally, only shrines have torii gates. Kunisaki peninsula also has a peculiar culture of stone statues; 80% of all stone Niou statues, the two guardian Deva kings, in Japan can be found in Kunisaki peninsula. Many of stone statues here are registered as national important cultural property including Kunisaki towers and Magai-butsu, Buddha figure carved on a rock face.

The region with mystic histories, cultures, and festivals, Kunisaki peninsula had been attracting so many visitors. You cannot resist exploring enigma after enigma once you get into it, and you will be attracted to this place more and more.

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